Tuesday, April 24, 2012

End Of The Year Gift: Class Address Book Freebie

Have you seen Tessa @ Tales from Outside the Classroom and Courtney @ Swimming Into Second's End of the Year Gift Linky Party?  Click the images to check out all of the other great ideas you can do for your students.  Also, don't forget to link up if you have an End of the Year Gift you would like to share!

As you read in my older posts, my family is trying to sell our house because we are relocating to Chicago.    While I was packing my room up a couple weeks ago, I found many old school memories tucked in my desk and closet.  I found this and thought I could share it with you guys!  This is when I was in 2nd grade (circa 1996-1997, yes I know I'm young!)

My 2nd grade teacher called this "Treasured Memories".  It is basically an address book for students to write to peers over the summer.  This is great for kids who go on vacation and can send a postcard to a friend.
This is the cover page.  I put it on top of an 8x11 booklet so you can compare the size.  (I wish my teacher took a cuter picture of me for my cover page! haha)

Here is what the inside pages look like.  One page per student. 

Katie was one of my best friends in this class so my teacher put a picture of us on colored card stock.  She had 3 pages like this in my booklet.  All of the pictures on card stock and cover pages (front and back) were laminated.  

All of my pages were signed by my classmates, so I'm pretty sure we passed our booklets around the class during the last week of school.  I think this is a wonderful idea to include for your end of the year gift!  To make this address book gift up-to-date, I would also include space for the student's email and phone number.  Don't forget to include yourself in the address book! My teacher added her information on the last page as well.  

To make your life simpler, I know how the end of the year can get hectic for y'all, here's a template you can use to fill in your student's info.  The Document is in landscape form and just cut it down the middle and bind it together! Click here for the freebie!

Let me know what you think about this gift! I love to hear your comments and thoughts!