Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stylish Sunday

If you read some of my past "tagging" posts, you can see how much I love shoes!

Since we have to wear them (shoes) whenever we go, I thought I could share my cute findings with you!  This is important accessory we use every day. On Friday, I went to DSW (one of my favorite shoe stores ever!) after subbing and found two adorable shoes before I had to go to my other job.

Any teacher knows that investing in good, comfy flats are vital in the teaching world.  Whether you are teaching Preschool or high school students, you are standing on their feet the majority of the day!

Here are my two small finds at DSW.  Click on the pictures below to see the shoe on their website.
Brand: Audrey Brooke 
Style name: Paris Metallic Flat
Color: Orange

I was walking down one of the isles and spotted this!  They are super comfy with patting on for your toes, heels, and balls of feet.  Also, the back of the heel have that elastic band so it doesn't rub and blister your heels.  I love the cute the gold medallion.  This shoe reminds me a lot of Tory Burch's classic super expensive ballet flats. But no worries!  I got the Audrey Brooke flats for half the price and I used a coupon I had.  For size comparison, I bought the flats at my normal shoe size, which are size 6.  
Similar style but in a much cheaper price!  

Brand: JS (Jessica Simpson)
Style name: Jessica Oscar
Color: Dove

Heel Height: 3 1/2"

I'm a heel girl and love finding new heels to wear for outings and weekend trips.  Jessica Simpson's shoe line is my absolute favorite brand to wear when it comes to price and comfort.  These are a classic heel that can be casual or dressy.  For me, these are comfortable to walk it throughout the day.  As for size, I know typically people go down their normal shoe size but even though I have narrow feet, I have a bunion. I have been dancing my whole life and started pointe shoes at a very young age, which ruined my feet.  So because of this, I usually buy heels a half size up (size 6.5).

I know this was a non-related teaching post but I hoped you enjoyed my new shoe findings.  If you have any questions about the shoes I found let me know through comments or email!  Or let me know where are your favorite places to find adorable AND affordable shoes.  Some of my favorites are DSW, Macy's, and TJ Maxx.  Have a happy Pre-Tax day Sunday!