Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tired of Traveling and Bloglovin

The past week has been very busy me.  Right after the last day of school, I took a mini vacation to Washington, D.C. with the BF.
This is us by the US Capitol Building
While I was on the trip, I got a phone call from a potential employer to interview the day I was flying back home (Tuesday).  Wow, I was nervous on missing the interview because it was literally 2.5 hours after I flew in.  But I made it and the interview went really well.

Then on Wednesday was my district's first day of summer school.  Boy, was that a crazy and hectic morning!  It was great seeing all of my students again plus we had a new boy join our class.

And today I had to wake up at 3am to catch a 6:00 AM flight out to Atlanta for another interview.  This was actually the final interview for this school and I am hoping and praying for good news.  So after traveling all over the place, I am pooped!  I feel like I haven't slept in days.  At least I was having an adventure in some cool places I haven't been to for a long time.  I was so tired from my LONG interview (it was from 10:45am-4:30pm with an hour lunch), I washed my hair with body lotion instead of conditioner in the shower!  I definitely grabbed the wrong bottle and I guess I was sleep showering (is that a thing?).

On a completely different note, have you heard of Bloglovin?  I found out about this awesome site from Lindsay @ My Life as a Third Grade Teacher.  It's a great free website and app where you can read all of your favorite blogs you follow in one easy user-friendly site.  You should switch today (before you forget) and check it out since Google Reader will be no more in July!  Also, if you aren't following me yet, click on the right hand side so you can read my future posts on Bloglovin!

Well I better go to bed and catch up on some Zzz's.  And I will leave you with this cute video I found yesterday.