Thursday, September 19, 2013

Open House Freebie

I should have posted this a long time ago but the first month of school can get really busy!  Open house for my class happened about 3 weeks ago.  My school separated our open houses by division-- ECC/Elementary, Middle, and High school. 

I was expecting only some parents attending my open house since I work in an international school, and I heard from other co-workers that it was hard for some parents to show up on a school night to attend these meetings.  But I had everyone but 2 parents that didn't show up.  After I gave my presentation and tour of my kinder classroom, I had a piece of paper on each child's desk for the parents to write/draw a special note to their child in their home language. 

Here are some of the ones I thought were adorable written by my student's parents.  I didn't know some of my parents had some artistic talent in them!

This is a freebie I put in both of my stores for you to use in your open house.  I had some people already ask me to change the wording to "a note from your family" for those students who have single parents or guardians.  I should have thought of that while I was creating this but I realized my students are very fortunate to have both parents in their lives. 

Click on the store buttons to go download this FREEBIE!  Enjoy! 

Also, happy Mid-Autumn Festival today-- a Chinese holiday that celebrates the first fall full moon!! We didn't have school today because of this holiday.  I will post about my experience with this holiday this weekend! 

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