Friday, August 22, 2014

Teacher Week: What I like to teach? + a freebie

 The last day of the Meet the Teacher Linky hosted by Blog Hoppin'!  Today's topic is WHAT do you love to teach?

I love to teach literacy and writing! Something about watch the little learners grow from the beginning of the year to the end excites me!  I love finding new ideas and strategies to teach literacy to my kindergarteners.  Teaching the little kiddos how to read reminds me what a perfect match I am for Kindergarten! 

Another subject I fell in love teaching is Bible.  The international school I work for is a private Christian school, where we are allowed to teach Bible classes to our students in China.  Teaching Bible has definitely helped me grow in my personal relationship with the Lord and it has made me grow stronger towards Him.  Also, it's amazing how He can work wonders in these precious 5 year old's hearts!
I recently wrote a post of how I like to introduce and review sight words from the word wall.  Click the picture above to read more about it!

I made this simple writing center activity as a freebie in my TpT store.  Click the picture below to get it!

What do you like to teach most?! I would love to hear about it below in the comments or link up with the linky by clicking the picture below!  Anyone else happy it's the weekend?!  Today I just finished our FIRST WEEK of school!  I just gotta say, I am exhausted being back to a full and busy schedule!  Have a GREAT Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week: Why?- Organization TIps (and a freebie)

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to day 3 of Blog Hoppin's annual teacher week.  I like to tell myself that I am a neat and organized person.  But in reality, I am definitely a stacker in my classroom!  Since I work in an international school, most of the classrooms are filled with files and STUFF from previous teachers.  I think my classroom has stuff from at least 5 teachers! 

Organizational Tip #1:
One organizational tip I learned from my cooperating teacher while I was a student teacher was keeping my printables organized by days of the week.  I bought these magazine holders at IKEA since I wasn't sure where else to find these in China.

 Click on the picture above to get the Days of the Week labels for FREE!! 

I would put a clipboard in every magazine file holder so the papers on top of the clipboard represent the present week and the papers behind it represent the following week.  I like this system because I can tell my TA to print multiple files for me and I use a post-it note to let her know which day of the week she can put the printables in.  I also like the easy access to all of my printables for my lessons. 

Organizational Tip #2:
Do you keep student work throughout the year and create an end of the year portfolio or binder?  In the ECC, we are required to so I use the same IKEA magazine file holders to store and sort student work in.  I also keep my students' handwriting and writing journals in it.  I like this organizational system because it keeps all of the student's work together in one place and I don't have to put the paper inside the the binder right away. 

Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see my WHEN post and a sneak peek of my day! :)  Also, don't forget to LINK UP with Blog Hoppin'!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week: Where is my classroom?

Today is Tuesday! You know what that means...DAY 2 of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!  There are some days where I think I spend more time at school than my own apartment!  Living in China has it ups and downs...The expat community is A LOT smaller than the ones I came from back in the States.  Not only do we work together, but we also hang out, go to church, and travel together.  Sometimes I definitely feel like I'm living in a BUBBLE!  But I love it and wouldn't trade my experience for the world.

This year, I kept my theme the same from last year: bright, rainbow colors, and a slight hint of owls and chevron.  I feel so lucky to work with such a SPACIOUS classroom!!!  I think it's every teacher's dream to have a HUGE class with a small student:teacher ratio.  :)

Here's a closer classroom tour...Scroll below!

A Panorama of my room.
Calendar wall

Guided Reading table area and our prayer and praise tree
Blocks center

Writing Center

I'm still working on my Tech center but each ECC classroom has 4 shared iPads and one teacher iPad!!

Dramatic center

Library center

Near the classroom entrance
This is where we do our classroom jobs, behavior chart, how we go to school chart, goodbye chants, and keep our mailboxes at.  Thanks for checking out my classroom!  I just love working in it! 

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