Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Student Tickets

As a sub I love using this classroom management strategy and the kids always try to be on their best behavior to earn their tickets!  I got this idea last spring during my student teaching.  The substitute teacher that subbed for my host teacher always did this.  This is an easy classroom management strategy for guest teachers!

Print Super Student tickets on construction paper
Small basket/box/bucket
Optional- stickers, pencils, small rewards, etc.

During morning meeting/calendar/morning work, let the students know that through out the day you will be passing out super student tickets when you see students modeling good behavior, following directions, etc.  Remind them to write their names fold the ticket and put it in the basket.

Tell them you will be pulling 5 names out of the basket at the end of the day and they will receive a prize.  
**Check to see if the teacher has a prize box or what other types of reward system she uses.**  Some reward systems I've seen are good student stickers, fake money, and bucket fillers.  If the teacher doesn't have any, it is always good to bring your own like stickers and pencils as a back up plan.  Let them know the more tickets they get, the more likely they will receive a prize at the end of the day.