Monday, January 30, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!!!

I was chosen by Kayla from Primary Junction.  She makes the most adorable freebies with fantastic graphic art.  This is one blog you will need to check out DAILY! And this is my first blogging award!!! I'm very excited to be apart of this community of teachers nationwide!  I've seen so many great blogs and everyone has been so supportive of one another.  It's still mind-blowing to me that people are actually coming to my blog. You are all so wonderful!

There are some simple rules to follow after you give a big THANKS to the person who gave me the award.  
  • Thank the award-giver.
  • Ask 7 questions about yourself.
  • Pass this award to 15 newly discovered blogs.
  • Alert the bloggers and let them know about the award!
So here are 7 things about myself:

1.  I love to travel!  I just came back on a winter vacation from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.  I was visiting my sister (Tiffany) in Japan for the first time (she's studying abroad for a year)!  Also, my sister and I visited our grandmas and relatives in Hong Kong.  Our grandma surprised us with a Christmas trip to Taiwan.  I enjoy visiting new (and old) places all over the world.  I love meeting new people and learning new cultures.  Next on my list of places to visit are: Egypt, South Africa, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Dubai (plus so many other places!!)

Visiting the Nagoya Palace in Japan!

2. My all-time TV show I've watched since season one is the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad series! It's so addicting!!  Right now my favorites from Ben's season are Kacie B. and Jennifer. :)

3.  I was born in Chicago, Ill but I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Go BUCKS!

4.  I love love love ice cream! I can eat it everyday. I have many favorite flavors, but my "go to" flavor is mint chocolate chip.

Shared a huge ice cream sundae with my sister and her friends in Japan! 
(note the silly, "asian peace sign" I did in both pictures! haha)

5.  My internet obsessions are Pinterest and Wikipedia.  There are just so many great ideas on Pinterest and it is easy to organize what you like!  Also, Wikipedia is just fascinating with a lot of cool facts about anything!  And yes, I confess...I use it on my iPhone a lot too.

6.  I love all sorts of games, from cards to board games!   So much fun but I can get a bit competitive! 
Board games: Monopoly, scrabble, and life.  
Cards: Euchre, apples to apples
Dominoes: mexican train
iPhone Apps: words with friends, hanging with friends, scramble with friends

7.  Since middle school, I knew I always wanted to be a teacher.  However, I did have many other dream jobs as well, which I almost went to college for.  I wanted to be a chef because I loved playing "restaurant" as a child and cooking with my play kitchen set.  A ballerina/dancer because I grew up dancing since the age of 3!  Another was a fashion designer/merchandiser because I love shopping for clothes, dressing up, and drawing/creating my own outfits.  

Here are the list of the 15 newly discovered blogs that I am passing the award to!


  1. Thanks for participating! That's so cool that you have been to Japan and Hong Kong. They are on my must-visit list and so is Dubai (as well as many other places you mentioned). :-)

    Primary Junction

  2. Andrea! So sweet thanks for passing the award on to me!
    I'm overly addicted to Pinterest lol! Love your BLOG!

  3. I have tagged you! come by and check out how to play!

  4. Thanks for award! I have been swamped this week, but will be back tomorrow to accept! Oh, and I am going to Okinawa over Spring Break and am sooooo excited! Maybe you can give me some tips that you picked up during your visit :)

    Teachery Tidbits

    1. You're welcome! I don't have any major tips for Japan (I heavily relied on my sister) but the good news is that the Japanese people are very friendly to tourists, especially Americans! There are so many times where my sister and I got lost that we always asked the local people how to get around. The subway system is the most complex and confusing thing ever! So keep an English copy with you since many stations don't always have an English version to read. I'm so excited for your spring break trip, you will enjoy it for sure! :)

  5. Nice blog. Hope you find a full time teaching gig.

  6. Thanks! Luckily, my sister has lived there for almost 3 years, so hopefully she knows her way around :) I have heard that they are very nice, though!

    Now I gave you an award....come and get it!

    Teachery Tidbits

  7. I love your new blog! I've nominated you for an award, come on over to my blog to get it!

    ✿ Kaleigh
    Kaleigh's Klassroom

  8. Hey, just found your blog, I'm your newest follower!!

    The Daily Alphabet

    1. Thanks Angela! I just added you as well! :) Love the polka dots on your blog.


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