Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4 Giveaways to check out and a Question

So as I am blog hopping (or sometimes I like to say "blog-stalking"), I found 4 neat giveaways these 4 wonderful bloggers are doing!

Elizabeth from Fun in 4B is giving away a free $25 Target gift card to celebrate her 100+ followers on her blog!  You need to check out her cute blog if you haven't already.  She has many nifty ideas!

Courtney from Swimming into Second is having a giveaway too!! She is having one in celebration of 600 followers! (wow, this is awesome!)  You have many chances to win different prizes: $20 to the TpT store, $10 to TpT store, and a free item from her TpT store.  Hop over to her adorable blog to see how you could win!!

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits is also having a giveaway! She is celebrating TWO milestones: Her birthday  and 100+ followers!  She is giving away a free $10 Target Gift card, 1 st. patty's day packet and 2 Dr. Seuss packets!  Definitely stop by her blog to give her a b-day shout out and see the many ways to win!

Kelley from Buggy for First Grade is having a giveaway too! Tonight is the last night!!!  She is celebrating her birthday as well!! ALSO, she is really trying to get 300 followers!! She is so close, I think just 3 away....Anyways check her blog/giveaway out.  She is giving away $25 to Amazon!

So as I was reading different blogs and checking out TpT, I realized I wanted to start making my own units to share with you guys!!  I just have a few silly questions about those awesome 50+ page units.  Do you create them on a word document or some publishing site?  Basically, what are the basics of making those?  (Remember, my teaching experience is based on student teaching and subbing! Still a newbie at this!)  I would love any kind of advice and tips about this.

Also, I know you can create your own clip art, but do most people just buy their clip art?  I see a lot of people using Scrappin Doodles and and KPM.  My next goal is to start my own TpT store because after following so many wonderful bloggers, you guys surely motivated me to do the same as well!

I hoping after I figure all this out, I will also start my first giveaway....maybe at 50 or 100 followers? Haha, I guess I'll have to wait and see.