Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy day, a contest, and a virtual expo!

So today was a crazy day for me!  I found out this week from my parents that we have to relocate back to Chicago!!  I was born there but grew up in Ohio.  This is crazy for me since now I have to make the big decision on where to stay/live/work.  However, I knew we were going to move back to Illinois but I didn't know it was going to be so soon!!  I started to freak out today when I saw loads of cardboard boxes at the front door.  The good news is that I did complete getting my Illinois state license AND today I got an email from the state of Indiana that they approved my teaching license for them too!! (My boyfriend of 4 years works in Indiana.)  This must be a sign since I told myself this weekend I was going to dedicate it to applying for teaching jobs and start packing up room!!  So with state licenses under my belt, I hope to start my first full-time teaching career next fall.  **wishful thinking**

If you haven't already seen it on Pinterest, you should check out the awesome contest 12 blogs are doing together!! It's called Pinteresting Teacher Blogs Amazon Gift Card Contest.  The rules are easy and you could win a $200 gift card to Amazon!!!  Exciting, right? I am already generating a list of things I could do with that gift card!!  Just click {here} to see what to do!

ALSO check out the virtual expo, Everything's Primary, that is happening this Saturday!!! This will be my first ever expo I've been to and I love how it's all online! I debated whether or not if I should buy a ticket and join the expo since I am not a "real teacher" yet.  But I figured this would only help me be a better teacher even though I don't have a classroom.  The 4 featured teachers  are wonderful and you should definitely stop by their blogs whether or not if you decide to go to the virtual expo.