Friday, May 25, 2012

It's my birthday and I'll share a present with you!

Today is my birthday! And I love how it fell on a Friday so I can celebrate all weekend!  I am 23 today (I know, I'm still a baby compared to a lot of other fabulous bloggers out there!).  But after a LONG week of applying to teaching jobs and working, I'm taking the day off to soak up some sun!

Finding a teaching job is exhausting!  Yesterday alone, I received 7 rejection emails. :( What a sad birthday present right?! Anyways, I'm still looking.... I'm open to any state... anywhere! If you know of a school district that is hiring, please let me know!  I'm willing to go where there are jobs! Hopefully I get better luck this year. (birthday wish, maybe?)

I was contacted by and they wanted me to link up and share an article for new and aspiring teachers-- 5 Ways To Get Started in Teaching.  (click on "Job Hunt" tab)  Even though I don't have a full-time teaching career, I wanted to share for those who are in the same boat as me.  They have great tips for newbies, like me, who are looking on how to start their career.  This site helps you broaden ways to find that dream job.  There are many alternatives to teaching since the economy is still bad and lack of job opportunities everywhere before getting your dream classroom.

On a happier note, back to my birthday....
Since I love presents, here's a little present (freebie) for you!  Can I get 3 cheers for that?!  Yesterday, I taught a couple science lessons.  Here's one that the students liked. This is a science experiment that shows how water can rise in a vase due to the high and low air pressures.

Enjoy my birthday freebie! Let me know if you used it for your classroom. I would love to hear your experience and comments!


  1. Happy Birthday! Come to Texas! Midland ISD and Ector ISD are in desperate need of teachers!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Good luck with the job hunt... I know how it is!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Hy sweetie! Lovely post! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other?!:X

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to let you know that the school district I am in is constantly hiring new teachers, Cumberland County Schools in Fayetteville North Carolina. A link to their site is Good Luck with the job hunt!


    1. Thanks for letting me know about your district, Nicole! I will definitely check it out this weekend. I know many of the Carolina schools are hiring, I just hope they will consider me as one of their new teachers next year.

  6. So sorry your job hunt is difficult right now. I believe the right job will come along for you. Hope you had a good birthday.


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