Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Picture Day

Today was picture day.  Do you dread or like picture day?  I actually like picture day because you get to see everyone dressed up in their cute little outfits.  I adore seeing the girls in pretty dresses with the hair made up and boys dressed with a bow tie/tie and hair neatly combed!  As for myself, I almost forgot about picture day while I was getting ready but thank God I straightened my hair!  I dressed simple with a dress shirt and pink cardigan since I knew I would by busy with the little kinders all day.  What do you like to wear for picture day? Anything special like a piece of jewelry?

When I looked at the schedule on when our little ones were going to take their picture, we would get the worse time slot possible: after P.E. class!  Thinking about the kids being sweaty from gym and tired was not ideal for us.  One good teacher tip I learned from the other teachers is to take off the nice, clean shirts the boys came to school with and let their wear their undershirts or an extra shirt they have in their cubbies because we all know how messy they can get when eating lunch or playing outside.

Since it was a special day today, I brought in some books I bought from the Scholastic Warehouse sales from previous years to share with my lead Special Ed. teacher.

Listed below are some of my favorites about picture day:

I'm a big fan of Lynn Plourde's books.  She writes witty, humorous stories with lively text and funny illustrations.  "School Picture Day" is about a girl who is too busy wondering how things work instead of thinking about picture day and she almost ruins picture day for her whole class.  This is a must read for all ages!

Written by Andrea Buckles, this easy read is a cute story of a student who is tricked into sticking out her tongue during her class picture!  Hopefully this story won't generate silly ideas for your own students before they take their own pictures.

Did you already have your Picture Day at school?  I would love to hear what books and activities you do in your classroom to prep your students for this special day!