Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday

Looking for new apps to put on your classroom iPad?!  I was talking with one of our school's speech pathologists today and she showed me an app great for students with autism.  So forget the old-fashioned flashcards and get this awesome app!

My favorite app is called Word SLapPs Vocabulary.  This app was designed by a Speech Language Pathologist that allows you to teach any student at any pace.  You can use any image and save them to your own recorded questions.  My kinders are still learning all of their peers and adult's names so this was easy-peasy to take everyone's picture with their name voice-recorded.  This app is the best because you can easily personalize it. This app is $4.99 but they did a 50% off back-to-school sale in August. So keep your eyes open to see if they will have another sale.
This is what the app button looks like on the iPad.

After student's touch the correct image, they are rewarded with a fun, exciting sounds, animation, and/or visuals.  When you first download the app, it comes with pre-loaded animal and color categories.  You can buy pre-made categories from other people or you can create your own.  I just want to let you know that it is REALLY EASY to make your own! It takes about 10 minutes!  You can teach all kinds of words like nouns, sight words, action, and "where" questions.

Here are other images of what you can do such as sequencing and making stories.

To learn even more about this app check it out at the iTunes store here.

Stay tuned tomorrow because I will be posting my new Election Day unit at TpT and TN!! I finally completed it yesterday during my day off school!  I can't wait to show you guys this awesome unit!