Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jolly Christmas Videos

Just one more day of school until winter break!!  A storm is brewing above us in the Midwest.  I'm so happy that my sister was able to fly in today because they cancelled all flights after 4pm at the Midway airport in Chicago! I'm happy to finally see snow but I'm also DREADING to go outside for recess tomorrow.

Are you looking for any last minute videos to share with your class before break starts?  Here are my students' 3 top favorite videos we have been watching this month:

1.  S-A-N-T-A from Super Simple Songs:  To the tune of Bingo, this is a fun and festive song to sing as a whole class.  The clapping along the beat is fun and easy to follow in the video.

3.  The Dancing Christmas Tree Song:  A YouTube video by the Kids TV 123, this is a dancing and interactive song that will make your little ones ask you repeat all day.  I like this video a lot because you can move all sorts of body parts with the characters.

2.  The Santa Counting Song: Here is another great video by Kids TV 123.  I like this song because the singer reminds me of Jack Johnson.  Also, my students like to count the presents along as Santa takes them out of his sack.

I hope you can use this videos and share with your students tomorrow!  This would be a great time filler if you are looking for extra fun things to do in class.

Well I'm off to decide which Pajamas I am going to wear to school tomorrow!! Don't you just love Pajama day at school?!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rudolph The Bloody-Nosed Reindeer

Today was a silly day!  I had a student singing, “Rudolph the bloody-nosed reindeer”, all day and other student that kept saying “Shake your booty” every time we transitioned to another activity.  I thought this week was going to go by slow but with these kids are making me laugh throughout the day!

Since Thanksgiving break, I haven’t keep up with the blog world at all.  I feel very displaced and stressed because there are so many blogs, websites, and pins to catch up on!!!  Hopefully I can get back onto the swing of things and try to do some major reading/stalking this weekend.

Right now, I’m trying to find some Christmas ideas for other teacher friends, classroom aides, co-workers, etc.  Do you give presents out to your aides and teacher friends?  If so, what do you do? I work with 4 other aides and my general kinder teacher.  I am open to any ideas and suggestions on what I should do! (And also staying on budget!)