Monday, January 28, 2013

Videos of the Day: Winters Coats and a Pep talk

What do you think about the weather lately?  Here in Chicagoland, we've been getting days that are cold, snowy, and icy while there are other days that are wet, warm, and lots of wind.  It is crazy to have snow one day and then 50 degree weather on the next (like today).

Since we've been back to school, we've been showing our kinders this awesome coat video.  This video shows a cat (Crawford) on how he puts on his coat.  He uses the strategy where you put on your coat by placing it on the floor and flip flopping it on.  I know a lot of OT/PT and preschool teachers LOVE this video because of the floor flip flop strategy.  Does your school use this coat strategy?  Our district does and we now sing it to our kinders every day.  The best part of this video is the catchy Coat Flip Flop song as you do it!  It will be stuck in your head for weeks!

Here is another great video you can share with your friends, co-workers, family, and students.  Have you heard of Kid President? He has many awesome videos that make you think and smile.  This particular one is great to share before the Super Bowl next Sunday.  This video is great to start group discussions and reflect.  I love his little encouragement messages.  If you love this video as much as I do, you definitely need to check out his other videos.  This kid definitely knows how to make you feel good. :)

Stay tuned later this week as I talk more about Chinese New Year and maybe another freebie! In the meanwhile, Laurah at The ESOL Odyssey is having a Chinese & Lunar New Year Linky Party. Go check it out for free and paid products for the upcoming holiday.  Also click {here} for my Year of the Snake freebie I posted a while back.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Cold and Chinese New Year Product

Finally Thursday is over! We have a 4 day weekend for MLK Day and boy did I need the extra break days.  I definitely caught an illness from school.  It could be anything…cold, flu, strep throat…And I’m feeling terrible!  Everyone is getting sick!  Anyone else coming down with an illness? 

Early on this week I completed my thematic unit on Chinese New Year.  This unit is very dear to me because it reflects my culture and heritage.  As a Chinese American, I love sharing this important holiday with my students.  Chinese New Year starts on February 10, 2013 this year and it lasts for 15 days.  This year is the Year of the Snake and because I was born on the Year of the Snake, I want to share a freebie with you from this awesome unit.  Click below for the freebie.  


Check out my Chinese New Year unit at my stores.  It’s over 90+ pages.  And since this is MY special year to celebrate Chinese New Year, I am putting it on sale for 20%!!  The sale will run until Sunday January 20, 2013.  
TpT         TN
Come back to my blog for future posts about Chinese New Year.  I will be talking about it more, sharing my experiences, and ideas to bring to the classroom.

Have a happy Thursday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blogging Makeover Question

Happy New Year everyone!  The holidays have definitely put a strain over me.  I feel like I spend 50% on it traveling either driving, flying or walking.  I'm so glad I can take this weekend to fully relax before school starts up again on Monday.

As I'm blog stalking, I'm looking at everyone's fabulous new layout designs on their blogs.  I've been thinking about changing my layout for about a year now because I really want it to reflect ME.  Also, it's a new year so I figured I need a new look.

If you recently changed/updated your blog look, I would love your advice and tips on what you did to accomplish your blog makeover.  Anyone else thinking about updating their blog look?  Hopefully I'm not the only asking these questions... Who did you go to? How much did you pay for someone's service?  How was it working with them?

I've seen a few design bloggers who work really well with education blogs but I guess I just want to know what all of my options are.

Have a fabulous Friday y'all!! :)