Saturday, April 27, 2013

F is for Fire Safety!

Last Wednesday, one of my co-worker's husband came to visit my classroom.  He is a fireman and he brought his uniform and fire gear to share with my kinders.  I wish I had pictures to share with you but I forgot to ask one of the aides for her pictures because they turned out so stinkin' cute!  I was too busy holding back one of the kids who wanted to take all of his wrenches (she has a things for tools), and I was holding another student's hand because he was scared of our visitor (the truth is he is really scared of all men except for his dad).

When the fireman's presentation was over he asked my students if they had any questions.  The students didn't have any (they are autistic and down syndrome kiddos) so all of the adults started to ask basic questions-- what do you do when you have fire in the house, etc.  Then my little gal (the one who is obsessed with tools) wanted to talk to the fireman.

This was her conversation with him...
Girl:  (waving her hand in the air rapidly) Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me!!!
Fireman: Yes? Do you have a question?
Girl: KISS ME!!! Come here! (using hand gestures telling him to get closer to her)

Hahaha, it was so adorable how the little 6 year old was asking for a kiss from a fireman!  Too bad not every girl can ask a fireman for a kiss.

Since we had the fireman visit us and 2 drills (fire and lockdown drill) this past week, I created a booklet for the kinders reviewing the letter F.  Using Do-A-Dot markers, the students could practice learning the new fire safety vocabulary words while dabbing the letter F.

Click on the pictures or the respective stores to check it out!
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Also if you download the preview file, you can get a freebie from the booklet. :)
I hope you can check my Do-A-Dot booklet out! Have a great weekend!