Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Global Teacher Connect Contributor

Within a week or two I will be jet setting to China to start my new adventure and I cannot wait to share all of my stories with you.  If you look at the top of my blog, you can see I added a Page called Life In China.  This is where I will link all of my China stories not related to teaching in one spot.

My great news is I am now contributor for Global Teacher Connect.  This is a collaborative blog of teachers around the world that share their stories on how to educate global learners.  Hopefully in the near future I can start posting my thoughts and ideas as I become a global teacher in China. 

One of the best things I found as I blog is meeting so many teachers from the US and across the globe.  It is exciting how everyone can communicate through the web and share stories and ideas with one another.  I am excited to join this particular group because it features teachers who teach outside of the United States.  I am thrilled to join this special group because even though I call the US (particularly Illinois) my home, this year I will be starting my teaching career in CHINA!

This will be an unique experience for me since I will be teaching Kindergarten at an International school.  I can't wait to meet all of my kiddos who come from all walks of life.  Many of my students include Americans, Koreans, Japanese, French, and Canadian.

If you're a blogger from outside the US, I would love to hear from you so I can start following your blog!  I figured I needed to follow more global teachers to learn from you all!

Don't forget to stop by the blog to check out the other global teachers!

PS- I also added a Kindergarten Blogger button on my right sidebar. (It's above the I'm an Illinois Blogger button) Click on it to join other Kindergarten bloggers!  If you don't teach kindergarten you can still click on the button to find your grade level button! :)


  1. I'm a first year teacher who also grew up in Illinois, and I'm teaching at an international school in Venezuela. I'm glad to find you blog and thanks for the connection.

    Learning and Teaching for Life

    1. Hi Meghan! Glad to connect with more international teachers! Can't wait to hear more from you. :)


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