Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday (I bought a new iPad!)

Yesterday I bought an iPad to use in my kindergarten classroom this year!!  I love it and I've been on it non-stop!  The school district I worked with in Illinois provided teachers and aides to use iPads but the school I'll be at in China just lost their grant for iPad use in the Early Childhood Center (grades Preschool-Kindergarten).  :( I was so bummed to hear that sad news so I begged my parents to help me buy one!
Not the best picture of it in the box...
Here is a picture of many of the education apps I downloaded last night.
As you may noticed I downloaded a lot of "learning Chinese" apps.  I will be using them a lot as I try to learn a new language overseas!

Some of the education apps I downloaded to use in my kinder class are:

  • BrainPop Jr Videos & Video of the Week
  • CookieDoodle ($)
  • Flat Stanley ($)
  • LetterSchool 
  • Toca Store (grocery store game) ($)
  • Wheels On The Bus
  • FarFaria (Collection of fairy tale stories)
  • Shapes&Colors 
I was playing around and took a pic of my flat stanley. 
What do you have on your iPad that you use for educational purposes? I would love to know what you use your iPad for in the classroom!  I want to download more fun apps!

Additionally, do you use a special iPad cover for your kiddos to use? I'm considering in buying one of those big, rubbery cushion case covers to use in my classroom.  I've seen a lot of teachers/OT/Speech Path. use them in the past.  Just wondering if it was worth the buy!

And here's my new Tech Tip Tuesday find!  The app is called Field Trip.  Basically it's a cool app to show you hidden treasures that are in your nearby location that you can visit.  It helps you locate things to do.  The app is created by Google and I think right now until the end of July, there are a lot of free admissions to museums (mostly in big cities like NYC and San Francisco).  I'm excited to use it for free admission at the Field Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

PS- Stay tuned later this week as I share tips for teachers (both brand new and experienced) who are searching for a teaching job because I know how tough it is nowadays!


  1. I teach only writing to my firsties and we use Scribble Press! I LOVE IT THISMUCH!!!! The kids type their stories and illustrate. Then, you can email them to yourself and print them out! The kids LOVED it! :)

    A durable cover is definitely a necessity. I can't remember the kind we have, but one kiddo (only one) dropped one last year and it survived!

    Off to look at that field trip app!

    1. Thanks for sharing the app! The name even sounds like a lot of fun! Going to download now! :)

  2. I JUST GOT 2 IPADS THROUGH DONORSCHOOSE.ORG!! Thanks for the list of apps. As for covers, get the Griffin Survivor cases. Rubbermade shock resistant, screen cover, and a mini easel to prop the iPad up for Kinder use ;]

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