Friday, August 30, 2013

The ECC Outdoor Classroom AKA Our Playground!

I wanted to share with you my lovely playground, or as my school calls it-- the Early Childhood Center (ECC) Outdoor Classroom.  

This area is exclusively just for the ECC students- ages 3-5.  It is located in my school's courtyard.

The bike track and grassy areas.

Kids riding their bikes or pulling wagons.

Some of the garden and huge sandbox.

Our garden sign!  Each Class takes care of a garden.
The kindergarten garden! There are carrots, beans, squash, peanuts, and other things I'm not sure of.

Another Kinder garden.  Last year the students planted corn, tomatoes and more vegetables.
On nice days, we take our classes outside for a picnic during snack.  

The water area.
The climbing wall.
So what do we do when the pollution levels are high or it is raining? We go to the "Treehouse"!  It's a huge indoor playroom!
We have a swing. 
A log house with kitchen toys.
Back corner is blocks, puppet center, and a wall full of toys.
Slides and jungle gym, a big sandbox in the corner, and a small shelf full of books!
The outdoor and indoor playground is another reason why I fell in love with my international school.  It's amazing how they let students play in the sand, mud, and tend a garden. We have tubs of balls, jump ropes, wood scraps, and fabric for the students to use freely.  It's fun to see students engaged in learning through play.

What's in your school playground?  What do your students enjoy during outdoor play/recess?