Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A perfect day in China

Today was a perfect day in China for me.  To make my post short and simple, I compiled a list of why I thought today was a perfect day.

1. I love Wednesdays! Who doesn't love hump day?  I especially love them because my students are at specials all afternoon.

2. My co-kinder teacher (Mollie) gave me a handful of Chai tea bags!  You wouldn't believe how incredibly difficult it is to find Chai tea that is easily assessable.  Starbucks and many of the coffee shops here in China don't have them!  Chai tea has always been my go-to drink, so Mollie has saved my life (and probably sanity) when I saw the tea bags!

3.  I loved my student's energy today.  I could see and feel their yearning to learn.  This week we are learning about pumpkins (one of my absolute favorite units to teach).  They were fully engaged today and were curious little learners.

4. Today was a student's birthday.  I love it when parents bring in cakes and/or cupcakes for the class.  Even though everyone is sugared up, my class always seems to be in a fun, giggly mood when there is a birthday.

5.  Today I saw the seamstress!  She is an amazing Chinese woman that can turn any kind of fabric into something fabulous.  She can make literally ANYTHING!  I already had her make owl pillows for my classroom and a dress.  I just love getting one of a kind stuff from her!  Today I asked her to make another dress from a cute chevron fabric I found in cheap street for only $4 (USD)!!!

I saved the best reason why I thought today was a perfect day for me....
6.  My boyfriend, Kevin, surprised me when a bouquet of red roses at school today!  Today marks our 6th year anniversary together.  I didn't think he was able to pull this romantic gesture since I am all the way in China and he's in Indiana, USA.  I got a phone call from the security guards at our school gate that I have flowers from someone.  When I got to the gate and saw the roses in the Chinese delivery guy's arms, my eyes swelled up with tears because I knew they were from my amazing boyfriend.  I'm so thankful to have him in my life!  This is the second year we've been away from each other on this special day.  Long distance is tough but worth it when you have someone super special. :)

I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday as I did!  I'm hoping to post more of what I've been up to in both the classroom and in China!