Sunday, November 10, 2013

Class Assembly

Last Friday, my Kindergarten class lead our Friday morning assembly.  Every Friday, in every school department (ECC, Elementary, Middle, and High school), we have assemblies where we sing worship songs and learn something that benefits the students.  Class assemblies is when a class shares what they have learned with the school.  Also, the parents can come in and watch them perform. 

I was so nervous because this was my first class assembly ever and I only had the change to see one example the week prior.  However, my students were wonderful!  My TA or I didn't have to pull anyone out of our performance for being too silly or disruptive.

We did a skit based on Moses' story.  Here is Moses talking with the burning bush with the rest of the class being sheep.  They were TOO cute!  We sang a couple Bible songs but their favorite was definitely Who's The King of the Jungle.
Since I had the parents coming in to watch the kids perform for class assembly, I changed my bulletin board to a Moses theme.
The Moses craft is of Moses in the basket.  Here is a link where I got the craft idea from (Love pinterest!) but I changed it up by adding a brad on the basket to open and close the basket.  I love how adorable this craft turned out to be.  The reed hands add a nice touch and dimension to it.