Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week: Where is my classroom?


Today is Tuesday! You know what that means...DAY 2 of Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!  There are some days where I think I spend more time at school than my own apartment!  Living in China has it ups and downs...The expat community is A LOT smaller than the ones I came from back in the States.  Not only do we work together, but we also hang out, go to church, and travel together.  Sometimes I definitely feel like I'm living in a BUBBLE!  But I love it and wouldn't trade my experience for the world.

This year, I kept my theme the same from last year: bright, rainbow colors, and a slight hint of owls and chevron.  I feel so lucky to work with such a SPACIOUS classroom!!!  I think it's every teacher's dream to have a HUGE class with a small student:teacher ratio.  :)

Here's a closer classroom tour...Scroll below!

A Panorama of my room.
Calendar wall

Guided Reading table area and our prayer and praise tree
Blocks center

Writing Center

I'm still working on my Tech center but each ECC classroom has 4 shared iPads and one teacher iPad!!

Dramatic center

Library center

Near the classroom entrance
This is where we do our classroom jobs, behavior chart, how we go to school chart, goodbye chants, and keep our mailboxes at.  Thanks for checking out my classroom!  I just love working in it! 

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