Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week: Why?- Organization TIps (and a freebie)

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to day 3 of Blog Hoppin's annual teacher week.  I like to tell myself that I am a neat and organized person.  But in reality, I am definitely a stacker in my classroom!  Since I work in an international school, most of the classrooms are filled with files and STUFF from previous teachers.  I think my classroom has stuff from at least 5 teachers! 

Organizational Tip #1:
One organizational tip I learned from my cooperating teacher while I was a student teacher was keeping my printables organized by days of the week.  I bought these magazine holders at IKEA since I wasn't sure where else to find these in China.

 Click on the picture above to get the Days of the Week labels for FREE!! 

I would put a clipboard in every magazine file holder so the papers on top of the clipboard represent the present week and the papers behind it represent the following week.  I like this system because I can tell my TA to print multiple files for me and I use a post-it note to let her know which day of the week she can put the printables in.  I also like the easy access to all of my printables for my lessons. 

Organizational Tip #2:
Do you keep student work throughout the year and create an end of the year portfolio or binder?  In the ECC, we are required to so I use the same IKEA magazine file holders to store and sort student work in.  I also keep my students' handwriting and writing journals in it.  I like this organizational system because it keeps all of the student's work together in one place and I don't have to put the paper inside the the binder right away. 

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