Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Doctor and Me ABC Book (a new ABC book)

What Kindergarten teacher doesn't like a good ABC book in their classroom library?!

Dr. Stephanie Cox, a practicing family doctor in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.  She wrote this fantastic, rhyming book on what children will expect while visiting their doctor.  This book is called My Doctor and Me ABC.  I knew this book would be perfect for my English Language Students who can identify the familiar body parts and medical tools in the illustrations.  This book is great to introducing new vocabulary and easing anxiety and fears of visiting the doctor.

I love how each letter focuses on something important a patient may encounter while talking with the doctor.  Not only does the book teaches new vocabulary but also gives information and meaning to the vocabulary in simple, kid-friendly wording.  For example, "A is for abdomen, better known as your tummy..."

I am so excited to use this book to share the importance of eating well and staying healthy and strong with my little kinders this year.  I know my kids will enjoy the kid-friendly illustrations all year long!  Even living in China, many of the students can relate going to a Chinese doctor versus their home country doctor.  I, myself, never visited a local Chinese doctor, but I heard visiting them is very similar in visiting a doctor in the States.  The waiting rooms can become a bit more crowded and could take up to a whole day waiting to see the doctor (even with an appointment)! 

On a side note, I actually had to go to the hospital last Wednesday to the urgent care to see my doctor (he's from the US since it's an international hospital).  Long story short, I got stung by a mosquito in our ECC Kindergarten garden and I had a BAD allergic reaction from the sting!

Here's my sad and HUGE bump on the lip picture.

This book is great for the littlest of readers and especially for those who are scared or have not been to the doctor's office before.  I highly recommend this book!  This book is available on Amazon by softcover or kindle e-book just under $10.00 (US). 

Thank you Dr. Stephanie Cox for sharing this awesome book with me on the other side of the world!

PS- I did schedule my annual check-up for the year after writing this post! :)


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