Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Author Study: David Shannon

I wanted to post this for a very long time but never found free time to share my author study on David Shannon I did with my kinders back around November.  So finally after almost 2 months, I wanted to share with you some pictures we did!  Please read and look for a freebie. :)

I always make a bulletin board featuring our author we are studying about in our library/reading center.  My kids always enjoy looking at the books the authors write and matching the characters they are reading about to the ones I chose to put on the door.

I painted Camille from the book, A Bad Case of Stripes, during one of my in-service days in the fall.  Painting and drawing relaxes me when I am stressed from work.


I loved reading A Bad Case of Stripes with my students.  We talked about foods we hate and love. You can download this activity {here} or on the pictures above for FREE!  You can turn it into a craftivity where students can draw their favorite food on a plate or turn it into a class book.

My kiddos loved making the No, David masks.  They used it all the time when they read the David books.  Get these masks for free from Kathryn's Kindergarten Kindergarten.

What is your favorite David Shannon book?  I love Alice The Fairy and A Bad Case of Stripes.  Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello 2014!

December 2013 slipped by so fast, I forgot to write a single post last month.  I thought having a new job and lots of ideas stirring in my head, I would be able to share it all for you to read.  But it's just the opposite.  Hopefully, I can change my habits and plan for more time to sit and blog about my professional and personal life in China. 
I'm sad that I didn't write a post about our ECC Christmas program.  We did a Walk Through Bethlehem.  My kinder class dressed up as sheep, Mary, and Joseph.  The sheep costume were to die for! We sang "Away in a manger" and a "Nativity Lullaby". 

During Christmas break, I flew back home to the States to visit my family, boyfriend, and friends in the Midwest area.  I also went home for my boyfriend's family wedding in Cleveland.  Ohio had beautiful weather in the 40s-50s-- perfect for a winter wedding.

I was happy to see my man.  Long distance dating -especially overseas dating- is hard! 5 months of not physically seeing each other made us appreciate and treasure the moments we are able to spend together over the holiday break.  Since the day he picked me up from the airport (with flowers, I must add), he didn't leave my side until the day I had to fly back to China.  :)

Since I was in the US over break, I have been non-stop traveling in all modes of transportation-- airplanes, cars, walking, bus.  It can be exhausting, definitely if you add jet-lag into the equation.  One item I am happy to always have with me while traveling is Mineral Water Spray by Evian.  These spray cans come in packs of twos at Sephora.  They are TSA-approved and fit perfectly in my makeup bag.  It is perfect to hydrate and keep yourself fresh and clean. 
Evian - Mineral Water Spray

Are you ready for 2014?  I am!  Maybe not exactly "school" ready but I'm excited what 2014 has to offer me.  I have a couple New Year's resolutions in mind this year but my big one is definitely to blog more often about what is happening/going on in my classroom.  Tomorrow I will be blogging about what I did during our author study on David Shannon! :)

I hope everyone will have a blessed and healthy new year!