Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Freebie!

It's friday freebie time!

Yesterday I did an awesome science experiment with my after-school kids.  Did you know you can light a regular light bulb in a microwave?!  Don't believe it, watch Steve Spangler's video about it below!

Isn't that AMAZING?! I couldn't believe it and wanted to share this cool experiment with my kids! So here is a freebie of this experiment! The worksheet follows the scientific method steps.  Your kids will be amazed with the results! Surprisingly, none of my students guessed that the light bulb would light up.  Many of them said it would explode or the bulb will be forever broken.  One even thought that the water would change colors!
I asked a volunteer to take a pic of the experiment.  You can see the bulb glowing.  Throughout the 45 seconds, the light bulb was blinking on and off.  
Caution: The glass and light bulb get very hot! So I leave it in the microwave and finish the worksheet with the students before I take it out with the oven mitt.

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Thanks for stopping by!  Have a cheerful Friday and weekend!