Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pi Day and Teacher's Notebook

Hi Bloggy friends!  So Pi day is just around the corner! Do you do anything special for Pi day aka March 14?!  Well I'm teaming up with Middle School Survival Guide's Happy Pi Day Linky Party!
What I like to do is make Pi Day bracelets with the kids.  Basically, you assign a bead color to a number and the kids recreate the number Pi into an awesome bracelet.  Here's my example...

The black bead represents the decimal point of 3.14 :)  I also created a simpler worksheet for the lower grades, which they use 2 colored beads to odd and even numbers.  They string the beads depending if the number is odd or even.  Here's what that looks like using white and pink.

Let me know what you think of my Pi Day activity! Also, if you have a Pi Day activity you do with your class, make sure to join the Linky Party!  AND GOOD NEWS, I just started my Teacher's Notebook shop.  So please click on the button on the sidebar to check it out! It's still pretty bare since I'm still playing with it.  But this awesome Pi Day freebie is HERE! 

**Update: I also added my link to my TpT store, so you can click on the pictures below to get the freebie! :)

Please leave me a comment about my first free item on Teacher's Notebook if you download it. :)

Quick question to all of the veteran Teacher's Notebook people, am I suppose to sign up for the business paypal account in order to receive money for paid items?  Do you guys use a personal or business account for your Teacher's Notebook account?  There is so much to learn-- such as I can't seem to make my banner any wider? Haha, hopefully I can spend more time this weekend to fix all of the little things.

Another thing, I just noticed that I'm VERY close to reaching 50 followers! That is just amazing to me!  So hopefully I can start a giveaway soon!  Any advice on doing those?!  I definitely want to jump in the bandwagon on promoting one for all the great bloggers out there!