Friday, March 2, 2012

A SEUSS-tasic day and a Craftivity

First, I want to thank everyone who gave me great feedback on how to create those awesome 50+ unit pages!!  I've been playing around with it a couple times this week and hopefully I can share my new creations soon (maybe a giveaway too)!  

"Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You." 
--Dr. Seuss
I hope everyone had a wonderful Dr. Seuss day/week!!  I wish I had a sub job today but instead I got my haircut.  So no fun pictures of Dr. Seuss activities I saw this year. :( But here's a picture of my boyfriend and I at Universal Florida 2 winters ago at the Grinchmas exhibit.  I'm so sad my Cat in the Hat 'hat' fell backwards!

The fun craft that my students at my after-school program did were so cute!  We took picture frames that I bought from Michael's and used small square tissue papers to decorate it.  These frames would be a great gift for parents for them to display on their fridges.

<---This is what mine looked like.  I forgot to attach a picture to it!

The kids took little square pieces of tissue paper and crumpled them up and glued them onto the frame.  Then I let them use markers to write their name or whatever they want.  Next, we put 2 strips of magnetic tape on the back so then they could hang these frames on the fridge.  Some kids made cool designs with the tissue paper like flowers and stars.  I wish I took pictures of their frames but I couldn't find my iPhone at the time.

-paper frames (From Michael's, they came in packs of 12)
-lots of small cut tissue paper
-elmer's glue (you can dilute the glue with water and use Q-tips to spread the glue)
-markers to decorate
-magnetic tape (cut into 2 strips per frame)

Also, I got a sweet blog reward from Kaleigh from Kaleigh's Klassroom that I will write about later this weekend!!  Have a SEUSS-tasic day bloggy friends!