Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kindergarten Common Core File Folder Organization Freebie

Do you teach Kindergarten? Looking for new ways to organize your Common Core materials?  Ashley from Thats So Second Grade wrote a great post on organizing the Common Core standards for her second grade class.  Click here to read her post.

So over spring break I created my own version but for Kindergarten.  Since I know I am still trying to memorize all of the "codes" for the Common Core standards, I thought this was a great idea to organize all of my CCSS material.  You can put in your specific activities and worksheets for each standard so you know EXACTLY what you are teaching when accessing student understanding.  On each folder I have the whole standard printed out as a guide.  Also I color coordinated each subsection for Math and English Language Arts.

These labels are only for Kindergarten.  In the file are labels for file folders, labels for folders, and tabs for each Common Core sub section. Directions on how to do this is attached in the file.  Click the pictures or the respective teacher stores below to get the freebies:
Math: TpT   TN

This is a great weekend project or after school project! It just takes about 1.5 hours to print, stick, and stack the labels!  Grab this freebie and impress your colleagues on your new super fabulous organized Common Core materials!