Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Crafts

I know this is very last minute but I wanted to share with you the crafts I will be working on with my Sunday School Preschoolers tomorrow.  The story I am going to go over is when Jesus came to Jerusalem and people praised him and laid palm branches and coats on the ground in front of him.  (Matthew 21:1-11, 15-16; Mark 11:1-10)

Tomorrow on Easter Sunday, I was told I had to teach my class for a whole 2 hours because of the Easter service! I was sadden by this news since I was going to miss Easter service and the baptism.  So because of the extra hour, I needed to come up with more fun activities!

Since my lesson was focusing on Jesus entering Jerusalem, I was going to let the students role play the scene of laying down the palm branches and coats as he rode down the street on a donkey.
Here is the palm branch craft I came up with:
 Very cute right?

Palm Branch Craft:
What you need: green construction paper, scissors, green puffy paint, green glitter, flower tape, pipe cleaners, tape.

Here is a Palm Branch Template for those who want it.  I drew mine by hand.

  1. Cut the template and add a piper cleaner in the middle of the palm branch.  I used tape because I ran out of elmer's glue at home.  You can use either since this is on the back for a sturdy support.
  2. Then use the flower tape to wrap the handle.
  3. Cut the diagonal lines.
  4. Use the green puffy paint to add lines on the palm branch. (Adults may need to help the younger ones)
  5. Put green glitter on the palm branches and shake onto paper plate.
  6. Then let it dry!

Jelly Bean Easter Craft
I used Kim Mitzo Thompson's Easter Jelly Bean Craft patterns and revised it for a different project for my preschoolers.  Check out her freebie above to download at the original craft.  Thanks Kim for the inspiration!

What you need: Jelly Bean pattern, crayons/markers, paper plates, scissors, yarn, glue, single hole puncher

  1. Color the jelly beans and cut them out.
  2. Write a bible verse, poem, or whatever you like in the middle of the paper plate. 
  3. Glue on each of the jelly beans around the plate.  
  4. Punch a hole at the top and add string.
  5. Then hang it up!
Have a happy and blessed Easter everyone!

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  1. Sucha a lovely idea! I'll try it in my class. Thanks for sharing!


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