Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update on my Common Core ELA Labels!

Am I just seeing things or did my Cheers To School Banner just disappear?!  I hope it will come back because it gave me a heart attack!  Anyone else having this problem today?  I'm a little worried...

Anyways I just wanted to let you know I have a new and updated version of my Common Core ELA Labels.  I was notified by a buyer that I made a tiny mistake on page 3 of this product.  For the ELA label K.RL.2, it says RETAIL familiar stories.  It should say RETELL.  So I fixed it and you can download the correct version or you can do what I did and use white-out to fix the spelling error since I already printed my labels out.

Click on either store to download the labels again or to save on those expensive labels, use white-out!
If you haven't checked out my kindergarten Common Core ELA and Math Labels, go download them now! THEY ARE FREE!


BTW, I've been receiving a lot of requests on doing more for other grades.  I decided to add the first grade Common Core labels to my summer to-do list. :)

Have a great Father's Day weekend and if you like, check out my cute and easy Father's Day craft post here.