Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party

I happened to stumble upon Latoya's awesome linky party today and I knew I had to instantly join!

It's super easy and fun to do!  My intials are AMH and here are my 3 things about me starting each letter.

A is for Air Traveller.  For some reason A took me forever to think of a good word to talk about myself. I was very fortunate enough to have parents who instilled my love for flying.  I tend to associate flying with family because I always have to fly somewhere to visit extended family members.  My closest family member outside my intermediate family is in California and Hawaii.  I love going to new places near and far and learn about the culture, food, attractions, and history of each place.  I'm lucky to have family living all over the world (Hong Kong, Australia, Paris, London, & more!).

In honor of the new pope being selected right now, here's a pic of me at Vatican City.  I went to Italy with my boyfriend this past summer.

M is for Movie-goer.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the movies!  Recently, I watched Jack and the Giant Slayer, Identity Thief, and Safe Haven (Love Nicholas Sparks books!).  I am still in the hunt for a good dollar theater near where I live though.  If I'm not at the movies on the weekends, sometimes I'm glued to my TV at home watching Netflix movies.  Anyone see the new OZ movie yet?  That is on my MUST-GO SEE list!

H is for Hair.  I love my dark black-brown hair!  I try to keep it long so I can style it many, many ways.  I love curling, braiding, and accessorizing it!  I have a crazy stash of headbands and I always on Pinterest looking for new ideas to do my hair.  I think if I didn't have a teaching blog I would most likely start a hair blog. Haha!  You can check out my "Bombalious Hair" board here!
Here's a quick snippet of my hair today.  Just a simple headband braid, very Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach.

Well I hope you liked learning a little more about me!  Definitely go back to Latoya's blog to link up!

Happy Tuesday! :)