Life in China

I will be sharing my experiences living in China on this page.  I can't wait to write about my struggles and successes as I start this new adventure on the other side of the world!  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave comments and questions.  I would love hearing from you. :)

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August 2013:
Stuck in London
My Classroom Tour
The ECC Playground

September 2013:
I failed to blog anything about China here :(

October 2013:
Enjoying a Holiday Break in China
A perfect day

November 2013:
First Class Assembly
I am thankful for being...sick

December 2013:
Embarrassing that I forgot to blog again!  Life can catch up to you fast.

January 2014:
Hello 2014!

February 2014:
How we celebrate Chinese New Year in China

March 2014:
Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern here that I forget to write about China specifically every 3 months...

April 2014:
My First China Visitors! 

May 2014: 
Apparently, I was "offline" during this month!

June 2014:
I was on vacation with my boyfriend! :)

July 2014:
Summer is here! But now I'm back to work.
My 2 weeks with 160 Local Chinese kids 

August 2014:
My 1 Year Anniversary Working Overseas! 
Meet The Teacher: Who Am I?
Where is my Classroom? (Classroom Tour)

September 2014- January 2015:
I was trying to juggle and balance many things happening in my life at this point of time.

February 2015:
New year, new chapters of life


  1. My son spent a semester in Harbin, China. He absolutely loved it and wants to return someday. Enjoy your opportunity!

    1. I'm glad to hear he loved it and it seems like he misses China. Thank you! It really is like a dream come true!


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